Top 6 Furniture Care Tips

Top 6 Furniture Care Tips

Wooden furniture is a lovely charm that adds a sense of fashion and allure to our homes. Good furniture is always a center of attraction. It is a sense of pride. This reason makes it imperative for every furniture owner to take exceptional care and maintenance of their furniture. Consider our furniture care tips for the maximum lifespan and well-being of your furniture.


If you want your furniture to be sparkling, then you must spend time dusting it. Use a soft and dry cloth to wipe off any dust present. Do this at least twice a month, and you’re good to go.

Exposure to sunlight

Be cautious when exposing your furniture to direct sunlight. Otherwise, your furniture will develop dark spots all over it. If your furniture develops these spots, then use a tablecloth to mitigate them safely.

Sharp objects


Oiling and waxing

We highly recommend that you oil and wax your furniture once in a while for a shiny varnish. Waxing also provides a layer of protection and prolongs its lifespan. Do this at least once every three months.

Clean using warm water

Always use warm water and mild soap to clean any wooden furniture. Also, be careful not to soak it for long periods. Wipe away the residual moisture using a dry cloth. Clean it until all the dust and dirt wear off.


Just like fine wine, furniture acquires new characters in their twilight years. They are prone to wear out with time. This is natural. Don’t over-repair them. Let them age with grace. It reaches a time when you will have to change the settings for new ones.

These tips will go a long way to ensure that your furniture lasts you as long as possible. The biggest tip, however, is to always clean your furniture with love!