The Best 8 Wedding Invitations: Know Their Characteristics

The Best 8 Wedding Invitations: Know Their Characteristics

The best 8 wedding invitations: Know their characteristics

Weddings are unforgettable celebrations full of love and romance. But preparing a wedding is not so easy, you must choose the guests, the place and the date of the celebration, and buy beautiful details such as wedding invitations, and decorations, among others.

We recommend these 8 wedding invitations


1- Glamorous Celebration Invite Image

It is a modern and personalized wedding invitation, you can add photos to make it a special gift for your guests.

Glamorous Celebration Invite Image is made from durable paper and includes the name of the couple to be married and the wedding address. It is an elegant and eye-catching invitation that is available in different trim options and colors.


2- Moody Wreath Invite

It is an elegant wedding invitation that is made of high-quality paper. It features eye-catching images and includes all the important wedding details.

These classically designed invitations are available in a variety of styles and the colors brown, green, and blue.


3- Whirling Florals Invitation

It is a classic and elegant floral design invitation, you can buy it in the colors orange, pink, and yellow, and in different styles. They come with their respective white envelope, but if you want you can access boutique packaging.

Whirling Florals Invitation is one of the most recommended wedding invitations of the moment!


4- Tidy Monogram Invite

It’s an eye-catching invitation that mixes the elegant with the modern. It is designed with pretty lettering and is available in the colors navy, blush, black, and white.

These invitations come with their respective white envelope, but you can access other services such as gloss coating on Stock Paper cards and gift wrapping.


5- Undulating Botanicals Invite

These wedding cards are made of high-quality paper. Undulating Botanicals Invite features a floral design and maintains the essence of purity, romance, and love of weddings.

Purchase these invitations with their respective white envelope, and choose between the colors white, navy, black, and blush.


6- Rose Garden Frame Invite

It is a striking and modern card that features a custom design. In the front part, it presents the information about the wedding and in the back, there are the photos of the couple.

The Rose Garden Frame Invite is available in various dimensions and has a unique design.


7- Ascending Greenery Invite

It is an elegant wedding card with a minimalist design. It is made with high-quality paper.

This card is available in unique design and different dimensions. The cards come in their respective white envelope, but you can access other services such as gift wrapping.


8- Delicate Love Invite

These wedding invitations are elegant and classic. They have a floral design that represents love and romance.

It is worth mentioning that these strong and durable paper invitations come in a white envelope, but you can also choose the gift wrapping service.