Paint Your Life Photo Testimonials

Paint Your Life Photo Testimonials

Paint Your Life is a brilliant service where people can send photos to talented artists and receive professional portraits. There are oil, acrylic, pastel, and pencil artworks in different sizes. So, you can end up with something that depicts loved ones perfectly. Here are 5 examples from happy customers.


1) Painted for Ron by David

Striking acrylic portraits like these capture moments in time that parents can treasure forever.


2) Painted For Donna by Matty.

This delicate portrait in oils showcases a traditional approach with soft tones to really capture feelings for loved ones.


3) Painted for Matthew by Melissa.

This stunningly complex piece of portraiture shows the potential of photorealism in oils. It captures family members precisely as they want to be remembered.


4) Melissa's Gallery

Some artists prefer to use the medium of a pencil to really capture the expressions of their subjects. A laughing and smiling child becomes a true work of art.


5) Painted for Dana by Len

Finally, family portraits don’t have to be of people, as this beautiful depiction of a pet collie in oils shows.