8 Table Lamps to Illuminate Your Workspace

8 Table Lamps to Illuminate Your Workspace

The best lighting fixture can change the look and feel of a room. Table lamps are designed to illuminate your space whenever you work from home. Here are the top lamps to create a decorative yet functional workspace.


1. Fang Ivory Crackle Ceramic Lamp

Crafted from time-honored materials, the Fang Gourd will stand the test of time. The signature illuminating design will add a soothing atmosphere to any decor. What’s more, the curved ceramic body and cracked ivory finish adds welcome color to your space. This lamp weighs 13 lbs. and measures 14 inches(H) x 18 inches(W) x 11(D) inches.


2. Clove stem buffet lamp

Finished in antiqued gold, the Clove lamp will bring a touch of sophistication to any space. It comes in black and gold colors to complete the elegant look. The dimensions are 11” (width) X 11” (diameter). It’s the best table lamp for those who want a mix of classic and modern looks.


3.S/2 Calus table lamp

Preppy and sophisticated, the Calus table lamp adds a modern note to any décor. It features white cotton shades and a two-tone finish (navy and gold) to complete the look. The shade measures 24” (height) by 14” (wide), while the lamp body is 8-inch (W) by 13-inch (H). Calus lamp weighs 9 lbs. and comes with a 60-inch cord length.


4. Culloden Table Length

This bottleneck table lamp gives your space a fresh new perspective. It features a gilded base and textual ceramic body. A linen drum base completes the signature look. Furthermore, this lamp masterfully combines mechanics, sculpture, sight, and touch. You can choose volcanic ivory, blue lagoon, marbleized Sienna, or bone Craquelure colors.


5. Libby Table Lamp

The Libby lamp combines swirls of navy and white to bring a painterly appeal. The dimensions are 28 inches (H) x 17 inches (W) x 17 inches (D). You also get a 60-inch cord for portability. This lamp will make a statement in your home due to its sleek style.


6. Alabaster Quatrefoil Table Lamp

Alabaster is a translucent, brightly colored lamp that brings the perfect balance of light and style. The base is juxtaposed with traditional materials, including natural alabaster stone. The dimensions of the shade are 12” (H) by 13”(W) by 10” (D).


7. Shiloh Table Lamp

Glazed with a cream finish, the Shiloh table lamp gives a simple and chic look. The dimensions are 29” x 16”, and weighs 12 lbs. Shiloh lamp is designed to rest on any surface and is accentuated with a gold cap to add character and sophistication to your space.


8. Halifax Table Lamp

Halifax is a simple yet elegant table lamp with a double-layer shade. It features the finest materials and attention to detail. This lamp is available in coconut, black/bronze, or blue celadon colors to complement any décor.