Top 7 Air Cooling and Heating Sleep Systems

Top 7 Air Cooling and Heating Sleep Systems

Better sleep can give several health benefits. Couples can also sleep well together when they adjust their bed temperature. We have arranged a list of BedJet products to help you improve your sleep.


1. Bedjet 3 Climate Control Sleep With App Control Only

It is a perfect system for you if you like to use your mobile phone to control everything. This option gives you perfect control of your bed temperature without extra cost. This system does not include a remote. You can use it to control the temperature of all types of bed mattresses and frames.


2. Bedjet 3 Bed Climate Control With Biorhythm

It is a perfect air cooling and heating sleep system for your bed. You do not need to keep your mobile connected to the BedJet system because this system comes with a remote. The system will fit under your bed to give perfect temperature control. You will get rid of cold feet faster due to rapid heating technology.


3. Bedjet Aromatherapy Upgrade Kit

You can get the benefits of aromatherapy with the help of this upgrade kit. The kit attaches to the air outlet pipe of the climate control system. It has a brush to hold the volatile oils. You can put some drops of oil on the brush and put it in the kit to get air with volatile oils. Eucalyptus and lavender oils have several benefits for a person’s sleep.


4. Bedjet Flat Hose

A flat hose is perfect for people with flatbed profiles. It has a rectangular shape for better airflow. The small size of the hose does not affect the airflow due to the special design. It works with all three versions of the BedJet climate control system.


5. Bedjet Air Filter Replacement

You may need to replace your air filter often if you live in an area with a lot of dust. The air filter has a long life because it resists damage from water and dust. You can wash it under tap water to remove most dust.


6. Bedjet Climate Control System For Couples

Most humans want different temperatures to sleep well. Your partner may not like to sleep at the same temperature as you. This climate control system solves your problems because it will keep different temperatures at different parts of the bed. It has two openings for two sides of the bed.


7. Certified Refurbished Bedjet 3 System

Some of us want perfect sleep without spending a lot of money. A refurbished system is perfect for these people. The company ensures all of these systems have high quality. They have a system to certify refurbished machines to ensure you get the right product.