10 Pendant Lightings To Brighten Your Space

10 Pendant Lightings To Brighten Your Space

One way to illuminate an area inside your house is by installing a pendant light. They not only brighten your room but can also improve the ambiance of the surrounding. There are tons of styles to choose from. For sure, you’ll find one that matches your interior design. Here are 10 pendant lighting to brighten up your room.


1. Charleston Wide Clear Glass Pendant Light

This pendant light combines the beauty of a farmhouse and industrial design. It features a vintage design that matches a rustic farmhouse interior. The glass is 6 inches tall and almost 6 inches wide. This is an LED light so it will save you money on electric bills.


2. Cora Brushed Nickel Mini Pendant

This features a more modern style. The glass is textured and the handle has a brushed nickel finish. This is in a much smaller size so it’s more compatible with smaller dining tables. You can always purchase two of these if you want to use them for bigger areas.


3. Possini Euro Julian Drum Pendant Light

Why go for simple ones when you can have a stunning pendant light like this one? Just look at the drum shade with its rustic bronze finish. It’s luxurious and elegant. This will perfectly match a classic and vintage interior design.


4. Charleston Luxe Pendant Light

One great thing about pendant lights that are made of glass is that they illuminate much better. The glass can disperse effectively the light coming from the bulb. This will help the pendant light illuminate a much wider area.


5. Carrine Kitchen Island Light Pendant

This light pendant for your kitchen island will surely catch everyone’s attention when lit up. The gold and black finish of the pendant light makes it look classy and elegant. The crystal buds also sparkle adding more appeal to it even when not lit up.


6. Possini Euro Samantha Multi Light Pendant

This features a contemporary design. It has multiple light sources. A dome shade surrounds each of the lights. These five domes are suspended at different lengths. This weighs almost 15 lbs and each dome is 7 inches high.


7. Courtney Mini Pendant Light

You’ll love the gold accents of this pendant light. The combination of gold and black color resulted in a modern look. The black shade points downward so the light is concentrated. This can illuminate smaller areas inside your house.


8. Possini Euro Janae Pendant Light

This features a sputnik style. The clear crystals are stunning. Twelve lights around the pendant will illuminate your room. The unique design of this pendant light sets it apart from the others.


9. Possini Euro White Flower Pendant Chandelier

This only weighs almost 4 lbs. It’s light given its huge size. It is 19.5 inches wide and 12 inches tall. Light is diffused around the curved petals of the flower. The chandelier will add up appeal to your interior.


10. Vortic Flow Light Pendant

This is another pendant light that offers a unique design. The combination of bronze and gold gave a modern to the pendant light. The silhouette is astounding. Everyone will be intrigued by this light.