Top Outdoor Seedlings for A Tasty Garden

Top Outdoor Seedlings for A Tasty Garden

Having your own vegetables in your garden is a wonderful thing. However, it is not always easy to grow your vegetables and make sure they are healthy and grow full size. The choice of outdoor seedlings is really important, as well. We present you 7 great choices of seedlings at affordable prices you can find on Lettuce Grow.


1. Sugar Sprint Pea

Sugar Sprint Pea is a great source of protein and other nutrients, including vitamins and fiber. Their growing season is primarily fall and winter, however, you can also, grow them with success in early spring. The greatest thing about this variety of peas is that they are almost stingless.


2. Dwarf Cherry Tomato

Almost everyone is a fan of sweet tomatoes. This variety of Dwarf Cherry Tomatoes has a sweet and tasty flavor, packed in a small size. You can grow the tomatoes during the spring and summer periods, and the first harvest will take about 7 weeks. This variety is full of healthy nutrients, including potassium, vitamin C, and folate.


3. Ironman Kale Mix

A delicious combination of kale flavors, this mix contains all the necessary iron we need to stay healthy. It can grow all year round, however, the cooler autumn weather can make the leaves sweeter and softer. The mix contains green, red, and Toscano kales all in one package.


4. Astro Arugula

Green vegetables have many health benefits. Astro Arugula contains a series of vitamins, along with folates and potassium. It is an easy-to-grow vegetable since it is heat-resistant and grows real quick all year round. Unlike other arugula varieties, this one preserves its peppery flavor all year long.


5. Cilantro

A herb you can use on different dishes to add a unique citrus-like flavor, Cilantro is also, a great source of vitamins A and C. The leaves of the plant can be cooked into soups or can be added at the end of boiling to add some fresh flavor. This variety is resistant to bolting, and thus, you can grow it all year round without the fear of sudden loss of leaf growth.


6. Strawberry

Who doesn’t like strawberries? Those beautiful, sweet, and tasty fruits are the perfect summer choice. The first harvest will take about 8 weeks, however, the result is well worth its wait. Apart from the tasty berries, this variety also produces flowers in pink, red, and white.


7. Dappled Butter Lettuce

A colorful variety of lettuce that contains important vitamins, like A, C, and K, Dappled Butter Lettuce is also, extremely delicious. The first harvest will normally take no more than 3 weeks, and you can harvest the seedlings anywhere in your garden. This variety comes from Oregon and has a characteristic speckled appearance.