Top 10 Standing Desks for Your Office

Top 10 Standing Desks for Your Office

Looking for a perfect work desk? A standing desk is what you need. Stretch, stand, lean, or sit, any posture is possible with a standing desk. If you like to work with more than one device, you might find a simple computer desk to be insufficient. While a standing desk will give you more space and even a small area to place a potted plant. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Standing Desks below.


1. Bamboo Standing Desk From Jarvis

A bamboo standing desk for your home office. You can design the desk in your style. Choose the color, and size, and add a hole cover, a surge protector, a bottle opener, a desk hook, a full or half desk mat, and a CPU holder. There are plenty of advantages. Moreover, you will get free shipping with thirty days return guarantee.


2. Laminate Standing Desk From Jarvis

If you don’t want coffee stains on your desk, go for this laminated desk from Jarvis. Made with recycled materials, you will get five years of warranty for the desk surface and 15 years on the desk frame. You can even add your designs to this desk. Also, whether you are standing or sitting you can adjust the height of the desk.


3. Adjustable Desk From Remi

This is another laminate desk for your workspace. You can stand, stretch, or sit in whatever posture you want, you can have it with this desk. You will get different colors, and sizes, and add many things to the desk just to make it fully personalized.


4. Wood Veneer Desk

These Standing Desks are made of poplar and obeche trees. You will get 5 years of warranty for the desk surface and 15 years on the desk frame. Design your own desk and you will get various options for it.


5. Eco Top Standing Desk By Jarvis

Looking for an eco-friendly work desk? Eco Top Standing Desk by Jarvis is the best option for you. This desk is water-resistant and durable. You can design your desk and get free delivery to your doorstep.


6. Designer Standing Desk

This desk is made of Baltic birch and recycled materials. It’s an adjustable desk and you can design your own from the website. Choose the color you want, size, add-ons, and more. If you want to make your home office look classy and stylish, this desk will be the best addition.


7. L-shaped Standing Desk From Jarvis

You need a big surface to place your PC, laptop, tablet, plant, some books, and papers. You need this L-shaped standing desk from Jarvis. Choose the color, shape, material, add-ons, and more to make it a personalized desk.


8. Whiteboard Desk

A desk + a whiteboard for all your creative ideas. If you are a multitasker and have to come up with new ideas every day, or you have to train your employees, this desk is the best option out there. Change the color, and size, add features, and more to make it fully functional for your office work.


9. Treadmill Standing Desk

Sitting in a chair for hours will make you lazy, and it will make you overweight. You can choose the easy way out with this treadmill desk from Jarvis. You can walk on the treadmill while you work on your computer. Even if you are not working, just reading something, do it while you exercise.


10. Crank-powered Desk

Adjust the height of the desk or have three-sided rotation with this crank-powered desk. You will get five years of warranty on the desk surface, and 15 years for the components. If you don’t want to adjust the desk manually the crank-powered feature will help you.