Top 10 Dining Tables To Improve Your Home’s Style

Top 10 Dining Tables To Improve Your Home’s Style

Most people look for tables with elegant designs and high durability. Kitchens can have a lot of moisture. Dining tables should have moisture resistance to prevent fungal attacks. We will give you a list of the top ten dining tables to improve your home’s style.


1. Andrews Pedestal Dining Table

It is a table with a round top and carved base. These tables are available in walnut and white colors. The company uses mango wood and engineered wood to make these tables. It also gives them high durability. You will get rubbers with the table to prevent the glass from moving on top.


2. Sienna Round Pedestal Dining Table

It is a table with a great shape for all types of kitchens. It will add elegance to your kitchen hall entrance. You can fit four chairs easily on the side of this table. You can get a glass top with it if you pay extra.


3. Tarvine Double Pedestal Dining Table

You can get this table if you want to match the table’s color with your kitchen. It is available in sixteen colors. It has a large surface area because you can fit eight chairs in it. The company uses hardwood to make this table to give it high durability.



4. Chianni Trestle Table

It is a square table with two legs. This table can provide you with a high level of strength due to a fixed log between two legs. It is better to get two-legged tables if you have children at home as single-legged tables can become unstable.


5. Alva Extension Dining Table

It is an expandable table with a perfectly round shape. The shape becomes oval once you expand the table. You will see fine details on the table because they are handmade. You need some technical skills to assemble this table.


6. Aratoga Extension Dining Table

It is a modern design table with simple white color. It has a square top with square legs. It has levelers on the base to adjust the table on uneven heights. It consists of popular and engineered hardwood. It can adjust six to eight chairs.


7. Leena Faceted Dining Table

You will like this table if you love architectural designs. It has a drum at the base with a peculiar shape. The top is perfectly round to give a decent appearance. Rustic whitewash makes it perfect for houses near the beach. It consists of mango wood.


8. Lemonde Modern Dining Table

You can enjoy dinner with your entire family at this table because it has a square shape. These tables are available in fog gray and washed white colors. You can keep hot dishes on this table due to the porcelain layer on the tabletop.


9. Lemonde Double Pedestal Dining Table

People love this table for its high stability. It has two legs with a log attached to the bottom. It has a square top with a carved design. You can fit eight chairs with the double pedestal table and enjoy a meal with the entire family.


10. Sk Henri Rectangular Dining Table

It is a vintage design table with crossing panels to give stability to the table. You can keep it in the kitchen of your farmhouse. You can stretch the legs to adjust the table height. It has washed oak finish.