Five Home Decor Tips To Transform Your Place Into A Beautiful Home

Five Home Decor Tips To Transform Your Place Into A Beautiful Home

The following five home decor tips are sure ways to transform your place into a beautiful home. Using them will help you achieve an elegant space even if you don’t consider yourself gifted with creativity.

1.Add a gallery wall. One of the best ways to transform a room and add a personal style is by adding a gallery wall. They create a strong focal point and can turn a simple and plain wall into a sophisticated space in your house. A gallery wall works well in all areas of the house, such as the living room, dining, kitchen, and library. They are easy to install, you need only frames and artifacts of your choice to achieve a charming effect. You can display family pictures, paintings, abstract symbols, or even your kids drawing. Arrange the frames in square, rectangular, or diagonal positions or you can look on the internet to find gallery wall patterns you like.

2.Install floating shelves. Another stylish element you can add is floating shelves which are easy to install. All you need are brackets and a drill to secure the shelves on the wall. Floating shelves are attractive and functional. You can use them to display: small objects in the living room, as storage space for plates in the kitchen, or towels in the bathroom. Floating shelves are space savers as they take zero space on the floor. They look clean, bright, and airy making the room look light and spacious.

3.Add a Wall Mural. Let your wall transport you to a different place by adding large-scale art. You can paint your wall or add an oversized painting. If painting is not for you, there are now printed wall mural, which is self-installed. Choose a wall covering to fit the theme you want to achieve. Wall murals can turn any wall into an accent wall with its unique and beautiful design.

4.Use indoor plants. Perhaps the easiest and most affordable displays you can add to your home are plants. They allow you to bring a touch of nature inside the house and give a relaxing ambiance. You can use regular pots for big indoor plants such as areca palm and snake plants or install a wall-mounted planter for small plants. You can also display orchids on the center table or in the bathroom. Aside from being good decorations, plants also serve as an air purifier and release oxygen which helps you breathe better.

5.Use stylish and colored appliances. You can either hide or expose the appliances. In most cases, domestic appliances can’t be hidden. Since they are undeniably an important element of the house, it is a good idea to include them when decorating. It is important to choose appliances that match your desired theme so they don’t clash with the entire look of the room. Fortunately, modern appliances are not only packed with advanced technology but also with stylish designs and colors allowing you to choose the best unit for your desired theme. Stylish appliances are available from the largest items like refrigerators to the smallest ones like electric kettles.