You might be a beach baby who loves going to the beach for his/her vacation. You love your tan, you love wearing beach clothing like maxi dresses or printed button-down shirts, your bikini or your beach shorts. You may love the beach so much, getting all that vitamin Sea, surfing, swimming, riding boats, doing water sports, and other activities. It is really so much fun being on the beach and experiencing it all. It is also very relaxing waking up to the sunrise with the sound of the waves nearby.

If you really love the beach so much, you may want to take the beach home with you. However, that may not do that. There are times when you really have to live far away from the sea for your responsibilities and your other priorities. If you really want to have a touch of the beach in your home, you may have a beach styled home instead. If you have a wooden house, that is really easy. You can have the nautical look with just white paint and you’re set. However, if you have a concrete house, for the beach style, there are various things that you can do in which for paint, you may try rough paint for your walls.

Rough paint gives your walls texture in which they give the impression of the rugged, weathered beach homes. Rough paint also makes your house look sandy just like the beach. You can also get experimental with your home with bright colors or white paint and colorful decorations. Same with the inside of your house, you may use the rough paint if you wish to but it is not really recommended. It is better if you opt for regular paint instead and have a beach theme with anchors, sun, flowers, and displays like mini surfboards, palm tree figurines, and the likes.