8 Ultralight Towels For A Bathroom Upgrade

8 Ultralight Towels For A Bathroom Upgrade

It’s not that difficult to transform your bathroom into a cozy and relaxing space like that of a spa. You only need to upgrade your bathroom towels to give you more comfort and style. The towel must be absorbent because drying your body is its primary function. Secondly, it must be light so it won’t weigh your body down. Good thing, Brooklinen offers ultralight towels to get your bathing experience to the next level. Here are 8 ultralight towels that you can go for.


1. Ultralight Bath Towels

This is a bath towel that can level up your bathing experience. It’s fast-drying which means that it’s also super absorbent. It’s light and easy to carry around. This is perfect on the go and for everyday use.


2. Ultralight Bath Sheets

This is durable and weighs lighter. It has a strong composition that doesn’t weigh that much. This is made of 100% Turkish cotton which is known for being the softest and most durable fabric material in the world.


3. Ultralight Hand Towels

Hand towels are a must-have. They are used to dry your hands after you wash your face both in the morning and evening. Towels that are especially for your hands will help you avoid getting acne from dirty and wet hands.


4. Bath Mat

This bath mat will help keep your toes warm and dry. It’s extra thick but super lightweight. There is a subtle piping detail on the edges of the mat to add style and appeal to your bathroom interior.


5. Ultralight Washcloths

This is 13″ by 13″. With this set, you’ll get two washcloths that are super light and fast absorbent. The fabric is super soft so you feel comfortable while it’s wrapped around your body.


6. Ultralight Towel Move In Bundle

You can also go for bundles if you think you have to upgrade every towel in your bathroom. This set is also a great gift for adults who have just moved in. This already has four bath towels, 4 washcloths, 4 hand towels, and a bathmat.


7. Ultralight Bath Sheet Bundle

This bundle gives you two bath sheets and two hand towels. It’s already set for a level-up bathing experience. The fabric is 100% Turkish cotton so it’s super soft and comfortable. It’s lightweight and durable.


8. Ultralight Bath Towel Bundle

This will give you two bath towels and two hand towels. The towels are super light and fast absorbent. Your bathroom will be upgraded into a spa-like room with these bath towels.