8 Must-Have Floyd Home Bedroom Furniture and Décor Pieces For 2023

8 Must-Have Floyd Home Bedroom Furniture and Décor Pieces For 2023

2023 is already here! The time to implement new year’s resolutions is now! Some weeks may have gone by already; however, there’s still time. If you vowed to be more organized, stylish, and intentional with your personal space, we have some good bedroom furniture and décor pieces by Floyd Home to kickstart your 2023.


1. Floyd Bed Frame

Perhaps it’s time to begin the year with a new modular bed frame made to evolve in function and size. You need rest to prepare your body for hard work. A new bed frame featuring all-natural wood veneer and strong, beautifully finished steel supports could be what you need to rest and be ready to tackle your 2023 goals.


2. Floyd's Mattress

A good bed frame deserves a matching mattress. Floyd’s Mattress has been designed to offer unmatched support and comfort. It has a breathable foam infused with graphite and copper for dissipating body heat. The Mattress also contours to the body and matches perfectly with Floyd’s Bed Frame.


3. Bedside Table

You need a minimalistic bedroom furniture such as this bedside table that is practical and seamlessly complements your Floyd Bed Frame. Save space without compromising on functionality. Maintain a modern and stylish bedroom while at it.

4. Upholstered Headboard Add-On

Add some coziness to your Floyd Bed Frame. The Upholstered Headboard Add-on features beautiful soft fabric available in a wide range of colors (vibrant & neutral colors).


5. Floyd Underbed Storage

You can seamlessly integrate this under-bed storage into your Floyd Bed Frame and stash late-night essentials neatly and within reach. Store reading materials, fresh sheets, blankets, and more! The under-bed storage slides open with ease and works with any Floyd Bed Frame size.


6. Rug Pad

Modern bedroom furniture should be complemented by a rug pad made with environmentally friendly materials. Floyd’s rug pad is made using recycled yarn and fibers to offer a dense comfortable layer. The rug pad also has a non-slip rubber backing for added comfort and safety.


7. Y-Lamp

Consider Floyd’s Y-lamp for all your ambient and direct light needs. Light up your evenings and use the Y-lamp as an accessory in any room. The sculptural appearance complements bedroom furniture and adds unmatched thoughtfulness to other rooms.


8. Dresser System

Floyd’s under bed storage may not be enough for your storage needs. You may also want a dresser system that is customized perfectly to match your taste and preference. Select various configurations, frame/top color, drawer/door color, and more. Enjoy the stylistic benefits of a dresser with repeating geometric patterns and clean lines. What’s more, take the dresser apart and use the same base to create a 2- and 3-unit dresser.