6 Collaborative Furniture Pieces You Need in Your Office

6 Collaborative Furniture Pieces You Need in Your Office

Furniture is integral to a work setting that is both comfortable and productive. Thus, modern offices must include collaborative furniture that encourages team members to collaborate and make the most of their workspaces. To ensure a workplace is well-equipped with the right tools, here are six collaborative furniture pieces you must include in your office:


1) OE1 Agile Wall

This movable wall system gives both versatility and functionality when it comes to team collaboration. It is the ideal answer for offices or workspaces that need to separate different sections for meetings, brainstorming, and group work. Its acoustic design reduces sound transfer to adjoining spaces, making it suitable for any workspace.



2) OE1 Project Table

A unique and flexible solution for creative teams and spontaneous meetings, the OE1 Project Table is mobile, so users can reorganize their workspaces as necessary without buying more furniture.


3) OE1 Wall Rail and Board

This flexible and adjustable wall rail and board duo is part of the OE1 Workspace Collection, allowing teams to easily collaborate and take their ideas with them. Its magnetic whiteboard is simple to use and makes it easy to convert creative energy into tangible plans.


4) Everywhere Tables

These tables are a must-have in any office or conference room, offering various options that fit various spaces, including meetings, training, cafe, and occasional tables. They come in various sizes, finishes, heights, shapes, and bases and have power options.


5) OE1 Huddle Table

This table is an excellent selection for brief collaborative sessions. It has a small size and curved edges, which provide comfortable seating for everyone. Plus, it has an optional leg cable manager to keep power and data cords orderly and easily accessible underneath the table surface.


6) Swoop Lounge Furniture

This comfortable, flexible, modular seating system is ideal for any collaborative workspace. It has gentle curves and a wide range of styles that give a relaxing atmosphere for employees to work in their preferred spots. Additionally, it can be easily reconfigured depending on the need.


To summarize, collaborative furniture pieces are crucial to a productive and successful office space. They support comfort, adaptability, and effortless collaboration among team members, fostering an environment of creativity and cooperation when included in a workspace.